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streetSNAP: Interview with a photographer

This is the first installment of the monthly ‘Interview with a photographer’. I first met Alain on a beach at Lamma Island. He was on a camping trip with his … Continue reading

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impactHK: Event 2 Ideas

Saturday is finally here!  I’ve been very excited to get this blog to you! Event 1 was a great success.  We saw a very strong turnout and the response afterwards … Continue reading

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NewChinaHand: Fired On Air!

I’m writing to dispel the myth that there is an all-pervasive level of state censorship in China. This is because the all-pervasive SELF-censorship renders it almost unnecessary! Case-in-point: this week’s … Continue reading

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pollipops: This Story is NUTS!!

Are there any festival goers out there?! Perhaps you’re looking for one of the hardest festivals out there, but isn’t too long. How about the Kanamara Matsuri Festival?! Oh, you … Continue reading

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streetSNAP: Still Moving !

Cinemagraphs are still images which contain an element of movement. You may remember some of my cinemagraphs like the sleeping panda or the barber poles. Here are a couple more … Continue reading

April 10, 2014 · 1 Comment

myHK: I’m a Yoga Dude !

  Yes, it’s true.  I’ve packed up my football boots for the yoga mat. After the summer, I thought I’d give competitive football one more kick.  And I have to … Continue reading

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by JAR: 135-1 Baltic Black

  You may expect Baltic Black to be…. black… but it is the white colour I suggest if you want to attempt this D.I.Y. painted rug on concrete. I love this … Continue reading

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NewChinaHand: Gonna Send Him to OUTER SPACE!

To fiiiiiiind another race. Hainan Island (‘China’s Hawaii’) will be taking on a much more interstellar role than simply hosting terrestrial tourists and Miss World contests this summer when China’s … Continue reading

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Griffin It:Memorable Gigs #2

One Drop East @ Vinyl Underground, Busan, South Korea (3/21/14) One Drop who?   You’ll be forgiven for never having heard of (the mighty, mighty) One Drop East. For the … Continue reading

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impactHK:Event 1

Our first impactHK event is in the books and it was a total success! We ended up having 24 outstanding volunteers and handed out 100 meals to the needy in … Continue reading

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pollipops:I’m a Belieber !

I’m a Belieber !! I have to admit, after typing this title, I took a glance behind me to see if anyone saw me write it. Justin Bieber, a fellow … Continue reading

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streetSNAP:The MTR Project-Sheung Wan

  The MTR Project is all about documenting life around the MTR stations of Hong Kong. Sheung Wan is, for many, the start or the end of the Island line. … Continue reading

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myHK: #1 Problem with the HK Public School System

Well folks, I found a problem! Yes, I know… there are quite a few… But, here is the biggest! Exams! “Duh!” you say. Well, let me break it down for … Continue reading

April 2, 2014 · 9 Comments

NewChinaHand: HK 7′s Rugby Tournament to Increase Birth Rate

    Hong Kong’s ethnic makeup could be impacted within five years, experts say. It seems that besides the economic and cultural benefit of the world-famous rugby tournament, the territory could … Continue reading

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by JAR: 039-5 Geri’s lake… D.I.Y.

Geri’s lake…. ? Where’s that you ask…. It’s actually the Mythic paint color that matches the color swatch on the bottom right of the collage and I’m hoping to use … Continue reading

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NewChinaHand: Gender (Im)balance

Female? Aged over 27? Still not married? No boyfriend, even? You probably don’t even want to know what they’d call you in China… And by ‘they’, I don’t mean gossips, … Continue reading

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GriffinIt:Soundclash inna Korea

R.O.K.’s very first sound system Modern Busan, South Korea, is about as far removed from 1950s Kingston, Jamaica, as it is possible for two cities to be. However, this April … Continue reading

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