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New China Hand: 10 things we learned from the Occupy movement.

        It has been a rollercoaster ride for supporters and opponents of the Occupy movement in Hong Kong, with the police and ordinary citizens caught in the … Continue reading

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streetSNAP: Hong Kong Fractals

‘The best camera you have is the one that’s with you’ – Chase Jarvis. I always have my phone with me and while it may not be the best camera … Continue reading

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myHK: How about a little rant…

Did anyone watch the Hong Kong vs Argentina football match at Hong Kong Stadium last night? Many were shown a powerful display by some of the best footballing talents in … Continue reading

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streetSnap: My first 10000

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst” – Henri Cartier-Bresson. My first 10,000 were certainly my worst, well they’re not all that bad or else they would be in the … Continue reading

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myHK: Parenting Mistakes Hong Kong Edition

Originally posted on The Guest Room:
These three points are more focussed on toddlers in Hong Kong, but feel free to apply them to whoever you want !! 1. Walking…

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myHK: How Well do you Know Hong Kong? Take the quiz!!

Originally posted on The Guest Room:
How much do you really know about Hong Kong? We’ve designed a 20 question quiz to test your 852 knowledge! Good luck and let…

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New China Hand: In it for the Long Haul?

The news agenda has moved on only stutteringly from the Hong Kong protests. The recurring spectre of pollution in north China has reared its head again as we approach the … Continue reading

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impactHK: Coffin Homes on HK Island. The Visit!

This past Thursday we handed out the $5000 that we raised at our last junk boat party for those living in caged and coffin homes. Our last handout was in the … Continue reading

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streetSNAP: The Umbrella Revolution, Part 2

The Hong Kong protest has been dubbed the ‘Umbrella Revolution’ because of the humble umbrellas usefulness in protecting oneself against extreme police crowd control like teargas, pepper spray and stray … Continue reading

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New China Hand: What Next?

We’ve seen the best and worst of Hong Kong in the last eight days. Around this time last week, we were all in shock as the police unleashed tear gas … Continue reading

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streetSNAP: The Umbrella Revolution

The student protestors who had occupied the major highway through the CBD of Hong Kong were recovering from a hard night of protesting today; it might look like their supporters … Continue reading

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myHK: I have a confession to make…

Photo by Sean Creamer   I have a confession to make… I’m addicted to reality T.V. It all started for me back in the days of Real World and I … Continue reading

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New China Hand: The Elephant in the Room

  For those expecting a story about an elephant: sorry to disappoint. It’s a metaphor. It’s Monday and of course NewChinaHand is replete with crazy stories from the Middle Kingdom, … Continue reading

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myHK: Things that make me go, “hmm…”

Originally posted on The Guest Room:
Wherever you’re living, I’m sure you see odd things on a daily basis. If not, you’re probably the odd one. Here in Hong Kong,…

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impactHK: Event 6 is in the bag!

This past Thursday, we handed out over 50 goody bags to the homeless in the Sham Shui Po area. Although we didn’t have the biggest volunteer turnout, we were able … Continue reading

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streetSNAP: The Streets of Hong Kong

Black and White street photos from around Tsim Sha Tsui, North Point and Mong Kok. Next time on streetSnap, some of my abstract HK work. If you like my photos … Continue reading

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myHK: When I Think of Hong Kong…

  When I think of Hong Kong, I think of opportunity. When I think of opportunity, I think of challenges. When I think of challenges, I think of money. When … Continue reading

September 24, 2014 · 4 Comments

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