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impactHK: The Next Step!

Hey everyone, Last night was such a big handout!  And with the temperature being so cold and wet, our timing couldn’t have been better. It was also a great night … Continue reading

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impactHK:Event 22 Announcement Plus a Story

Hey everyone, First, let me give a big THANKS to those of you who came out last night!  It was a very last minute announcement for Event 21, but considering … Continue reading

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myHK: Rant Fest

  I’ve gotta get some stuff off my chest.   Why does it seem that society is getting more and more messed up on the daily?!  Perhaps, it’s cause I’m … Continue reading

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myHK: Love 21 Foundation Update

I wanted to write a blog on Love 21 Foundation to let you guys know what’s going on and what’s going to happen in the near and not so near … Continue reading

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impactHK:Event 20

Moving on to the 20s!!  This event will make it 20 months in a row of doing events helping the less fortunate in Hong Kong!  Job well done everybody!!   photo … Continue reading

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impactHK: Coffin Homes on HK Island. The Visit!

This past Thursday we handed out the $5000 that we raised at our last junk boat party for those living in caged and coffin homes. Our last handout was in the … Continue reading

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impactHK: Event 19

19 is my favorite number!! Let’s make Event 19 an amazing one!! Event 19 Thursday December 10th 8PM Nam Cheong MTR Exit A  (Cross the street and meet in front of … Continue reading

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impactHK: Junk Party Recap Plus Plus!

Well, I’ve almost recovered from last week’s Halloween junk boat party… It was an outstanding night to say the least! We not only had a great time on the boat, … Continue reading

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impactHK: Event 18!

Alright friends, Let’s get back at it!   Event 19 Wednesday the 11th of November 8:00pm Nam Cheong MTR station, Exit A  (Go out exit A, cross the street, and … Continue reading

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myHK: Lots a Dots!

Happy day Hong Kong! It’s another gorgeous day in HK and I’m pumped up for another great weekend! Yesterday, we received our first load of Love 21 Foundation T-shirts and … Continue reading

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impactHK:Event 17

Thanks to those of you who came to one or two of the September handouts!  Overall we handed out over $6,000 worth of food to the homeless this month!  It … Continue reading

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impactHK: Caged Homes of Hong Kong- The Visit

Originally posted on The Guest Room:
Normally, I publish impactHK on Saturdays, but I just couldn’t wait for this one. This past Tuesday night, myself, our streetSNAP photographer and Mr.Lion…

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impactHK: Event 15 Success

Last night we had another great handout! Thanks to everyone who made it out!!   Thanks to @ayeshasitaraa for the group photo! What a unique and awesome group last night!! … Continue reading

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myHK: Great Opportunity for YOU!!

Hello Hong Kong!! As you probably know by now…. Due to my not stop social media presence/annoying behaviour, I am in the beginning stage of starting a new charity in … Continue reading

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myHK: To Give or Not to Give?!

photo by @ayeshasitaraa When we hand out food to the homeless in the Nam Cheong area we encounter a wide variety of individuals, from elderly women, to young children, drug addicts … Continue reading

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impactHK: 2 Handouts this Month!!

Last Tuesday we had another great handout! Again, our biggest yet!  . We definitely have momentum with our handouts. Word is spreading of how rewarding and impactful these nights are.  … Continue reading

August 30, 2015 · 10 Comments

impactHK: Recap and Event 14 Announcement

Event 13 was our biggest handout so far!     Photo by Rebecca   With extra funds from event 12, we were able to purchase 42 tank tops for this … Continue reading

July 9, 2015 · 8 Comments

impactHK: Junk Party Success

Last Friday night we successfully raised another $7000 for the Down syndrome community in Hong Kong!      It was another great night with a very fun crowd and the … Continue reading

July 6, 2015 · 1 Comment

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