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impactHK: Event 10 Announcement

Hey Hong Kong! Who’s ready for another handout to the homeless?!   Event 10 Wednesday, March 11 8:00pm Nam Cheong MTR station, exit A $100 per person If you’re interested … Continue reading

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myHK: Nice One, Hong Kong!

Hello Hong Kong! I’m proud to announce that we were able to raise $7,000 for a family in Hong Kong that has fallen on some VERY tough times! I wrote … Continue reading

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streetSnap: Chinese New Year 2015

The year of the furry, horned and hooved animal is upon us. Unfortunately i did not get out and watch the festivities this year as sleep is much more important … Continue reading

February 26, 2015 · 1 Comment

QQQQQ: Meet the HK Apartment Designer

Originally posted on The Guest Room:
Juliana is the owner and principal designer at JAR Design, a company that specializes in renovations of both residential and commercial properties in Hong…

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myHK: My Letter to the Down Syndrome Community

With World Down Syndrome Day fast approaching, I thought it’d be a good time for me to get some thoughts out. My letter to the down syndrome community.    As … Continue reading

February 12, 2015 · 3 Comments

streetSNAP: People of Hong Kong Pt.4

The streets of Hong Kong make a wonderful backdrop for portraits. Check out the other People of Hong Kong posts POHK 1, POHK 2, POHK 3. Next time on streetSNAP, … Continue reading

February 12, 2015 · 1 Comment

streetSNAP: The Pets of Hong Kong

Some of mans best friends, on the street, in Hong Kong. Enjoy! Next time on streetSNAP, portraits portraits portraits! Cheers Sean

February 5, 2015 · 1 Comment

QQQQQ: Meet the Domestic Helper

Originally posted on The Guest Room:
? I am Edna Pilapil, from the Philippines. I have been working as a domestic helper for three years now. I try to get…

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QQQQQ: Meet the Activist

Originally posted on The Guest Room:
? Meredith McBride is a writer and blogger. In January of this year, she helped launch HK Helpers Campaign, a media blog and advocacy…

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streetSNAP: The Funeral Street part 2

According to superstitions and traditions, items(like Hell Bank notes) that are burnt will be sent to the after world where the they can be used by ancestors. In some cases … Continue reading

January 29, 2015 · 3 Comments

impactHK:Who’s Ready for Event 9?!

Hello Hong Kong! We had a great start to 2015 with a very successful hand out last month.  Let’s keep this momentum going and make some more positive impact! Event … Continue reading

January 23, 2015 · 4 Comments

streetSNAP: The Funeral Street part 1

Ever wanted to buy kitchen ware? Go to Shanghai Street. What about toys? Go to Fuk Wing Street. Cheap electronic and camera accessories? Ap Liu Street. But what if you … Continue reading

January 22, 2015 · 3 Comments

impactHK:Another Good One!

How’s it going Hong Kong?! As many of you have seen on our Facebook page, we had another successful handout to the homeless in the Sham Shui Po area last … Continue reading

January 17, 2015 · 1 Comment

streetSNAP: Lunchtime Dreamers part3!

Sleeping on the job, again? The lunchtime dreamers are back! If you missed them, here are Parts 1 and Part 2. Next time on streetSNAP, the streets! Cheers Sean

January 15, 2015 · 2 Comments

NewChinaHand: Gender (Im)balance

Originally posted on The Guest Room:
Female? Aged over 27? Still not married? No boyfriend, even? You probably don’t even want to know what they’d call you in China… And…

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streetSNAP: South Africa

Happy New Year everyone! I’m back in Hong Kong after 2 weeks in South Africa visiting family and friends. Unfortunately, my trip did not involve much in the way of … Continue reading

January 8, 2015 · 7 Comments

street SNAP: Small Fry

Originally posted on The Guest Room:
What would you expect to catch when fishing in HK? Polystyrene boxes? Plastic Bags? Boots(I’ve seen it happen), or in this weather, a cold?…

January 7, 2015 · 2 Comments

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