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impactHK: The Next Stage

Hey Hong Kong 😉

I think now is a good time to publicly announce our upcoming moves with impactHK.  It’s an exciting time to say the least!  Our volunteer numbers continue to grow and with that, we must continue to raise our ambition.

impactHK is in the final stages of becoming a registered charity in Hong Kong.  This process has been going on for a while now, and I’m told it looks like it’ll be official this summer.

There are two major components to impactHK.  One being our kindness events, like the homeless handouts and support of the poor in Hong Kong.  This gives people the opportunity to do charity work where they can take their donation of $100 and put it right into the hands of the needy.  It’s teaching about empathy and kindness.  

Caring is contagious and I love seeing our message of kindness spreading.
We are establishing relationships with restaurants in all the areas near homeless camps.  We are then purchasing dinner vouchers from those restaurants and introducing the homeless people to the restaurants supporting them.  It is our immediate goal to give each person six dinner vouchers per month, plus two handouts of groceries, clothing and toiletries per month.  We will continue to have our How Cool is That events to raise money for these dinners.  Please support! 😉

I know these handouts are not perfect, but they are on the right track and improving all the time.  Our kindness is being received and appreciated.  That being said, these kind acts are not life changing for the homeless.  They still live on the streets in deplorable situations.

Which is why we’ve come up with the second component of impactHK, The Second Coat Painting Co.


This will be a job training company run by our charity, training the homeless to paint residential and commercial spaces.

After learning the skills in our training programme, our painters will be put to work earning a handsome salary with The Second Coat Painting Co.  After a successful period of impressive work, they can progress to become painting managers, and then will eventually graduate from our programme, getting a job with a partnering company.

This job training programme can be a real life changer.

I believe that in order to overcome difficult situations like drug addiction or depression, etc., one needs to have three connections.

They need a connection to a friend or family member.  They need a connection to society and they need a connection to a safe and comfortable living space.

With The Second Coat Painting Co., we can provide them with a job giving them self worth.  Painting can be a rewarding job where you’re transforming an old space into a beautiful one.  Our painters will be trained by experienced painters in Hong Kong and when they’re ready, will be hired to paint residential and commercial spaces.  After consistent quality workmanship and outstanding reliability, our painters can progress to become managers, and then furthermore to graduate our programme getting a job with an external company.  

Our group can also provide the connection of being a friend.  We can support our painters with extra food and clothing, plus a lot more like helping them set up a bank account. Like any good friend, we will care and provide our friend with love and support.  If counselling is needed, we will get our friend that help. If our friend needs sport and exercise, we can help make that happen.   

For the housing connection, we will provide our painters with an apartment of their own.  This secure space will be decorated and furnished.  It will be a space that our friends can be proud of, that they can call, “home”.


When I met Quang, in the picture above, he told me about his desire to work.  He wants a chance to be a part of society.  We need to give people not only the opportunity to work, but the opportunity to flourish!  We want to get them an address and a bank account.  We want them to have a chance to shine in life and I’m so excited to get this started!

From day one, this impactHK movement has been all about the power of numbers.  Alone, I am pretty much useless. Each and every one of you who has supported impactHK through volunteering, fundraising, donating and fundraising, has led us to this next stage.  Please don’t undervalue how important your support and role is in this! Each dinner counts and each greeting counts.  Let’s see where we can take this!

Looking forward to seeing you all at future events!  Please keep spreading the word of what we’re doing!  Let’s keep growing as a community and keep raising our ambition.

You can find all of the remaining events in June HERE

Have a great day!


5 comments on “impactHK: The Next Stage

  1. Dor Arie
    November 2, 2016

    Is there a schedule of November’s kindness events?

    • theguestroom
      November 2, 2016

      Sorry Dor I’ve been slacking!!!

      I’ll try getting this post up ASAP!

      Nov 8-sham shui Po
      Nov 10-happy valley

      More events will be up soon!


  2. Rachael
    November 24, 2016

    What about for Thanksgiving tonight???

  3. Nick marsh
    December 18, 2016

    My son Roy wishes to donate his savings to HK homeless. $205. Please tell me home he can get this to you. He is 8. Thanks. Nick

    • theguestroom
      December 18, 2016

      Hi Nick,

      That’s so nice!!

      Please send me an email to

      Just a thought, it might be more meaningful for Roy if he was able to go shopping with that $205 and buy some bananas and biscuits or stuff like that for the homeless. Then we could deliver it for him.

      We can discuss more through email


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