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MyHK-Exciting Times!! 

I haven’t written a blog in what seems like ages! 
I’ve been wanting to for so long now, but just haven’t made the time. I’ve got so much to say cause there’s just so much going on!! 

It seems like every day something new and exciting comes along! Both ImpactHK and Love 21 Foundation are flying!! 
The excitement of how promising both of these charities are, keeps me going full speed ahead. 

These two charities are still in the registration process. It’s taken quite a while but it’s looking like they’ll both be officially registered charities in April.  

That’ll hopefully allow us to take both to the next level.  

I’m loving Hong Kong these days!! 
I think we’re seeing such a humanitarian movement by so many Hong Kongers and groups wanting to make the world a better place. It’s very encouraging.  

Through this process I’ve been overwhelmed at how many people there are wanting to spend their time and energy helping the less fortunate. I’m also very excited that dozens of teachers have reached out hoping to get their students involved in social work.  

Yesterday we finished our third Kindness Mats event. We added jump ropes to our repertoire and will donate those to Pathfinders charity. They turned out really great! 

With Love 21 Foundation, we are planning our first go-away trip in April to Macau. We have a small but lovely hotel booked on the quiet side of Macau, right on the beach! We will be bringing 24 members, and their parents with us, so almost the entire 28 room hotel will be booked by Love 21! 

The main reason for the trip is to properly introduce our new nutrition programme. I’m very excited about this programme and how greatly it can benefit our members and their families!! 

We will also have a ton of fun playing on the beach, eating and swimming! Stay tuned as I’m sure I’ll have a million pics from this trip!! 

Lastly I’d like to finish this post by just saying, thanks to you all who have stuck your neck out and joined me on this ride! 
It’s never an easy step putting yourself forward like you have. Thanks for believing in this process and making it a priority in your life to do kind things for the less fortunate.  

Have a great week everyone!! 

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