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myHK: Can Your Child Spell, “Crab”?



Can your child spell, “crab”?

As a primary school teacher in a public primary school in Hong Kong, I’ve seen this word misspelled so many times. Almost more often than not, I see it spelt, C-A-R-B, and I just had to write a blog about it!

Most local Hong Kong students are taught to memorise spelling instead of using phonetics to sound out words.   So that memorisation of the spelling for, C-R-A-B became C-A-R-B, due to just a tiny mistake.

If the student tried using phonics to sound out the word, crab, it’d be nearly impossible to spell it, C-A-R-B.

So what’s my point….??

I mention this because my daughter Ella is starting to read and write.  She actually loves it! She’s been writing a diary of our summer travels, and shockingly to me, it was her idea!

Now if you tried reading her diary, you probably think she was writing in Dutch.  Spelling mistakes galore, but I understand it, like only a parent understands what her toddler is talking about.

As much as I’ve wanted to point out to her that, “game” isn’t spelt, G-A-Y-M, I’ve decided to let her explore phonics on her own and through her school lessons and reading.  It’s just so much more important to me that she enjoys writing and is confident in doing so.

I’m confident that she will learn to spell the word, “game”. It’s going to happen!

Just like how parents focus on how early a child walks or gets potty trained, these things are all going to happen.  Almost all my friends are potty trained!

It seems like a lot of parents forget that when you’re teaching a child to spell or read, you’re also teaching them how to love, be patient, speak with kindness, and so many other very important aspects to happiness.

Everyone’s going to eventually know how to spell the word,”crab”, but some will do it while also being taught about so much more.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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