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myHK: Lots a Dots!

Happy day Hong Kong!

It’s another gorgeous day in HK and I’m pumped up for another great weekend!

Yesterday, we received our first load of Love 21 Foundation T-shirts and they are now for sale at The Book Jar !!



I’m wearing this blue dot shirt as I type this!  Can you tell how comfortable and chill my writing is?!



This silky soft bamboo top is easily the most comfortable shirt you’ll ever wear!

It’s $300HKD, all money raised goes to support Love 21 Foundation!  This price includes shipping and you’ll have it at your door in a couple of days!  It doesn’t get better than that!

We have had an amazing start to the Love 21 Foundation!!  Our football program is flying with a great group of highly motivated players!  This program, including the facility, uniforms and all equipment was funded by last junk boat party and Drunk Hunt 2015.

We have many programs lined up to start soon, including yoga, painting and hiking!

We will also have a new nutrition program starting on the first week of November for the kids!

Love 21 Foundation is on the path to creating many incredible opportunities for a group of rock stars who are so appreciative!

On the first day of our football academy, when  I walked in 40 minutes before practice time and saw the whole team already there, it was a sight I’ll always remember!  Not just from the bruises I got from getting tackled to the ground by one of the players before I could put their new equipment down! 🙂  But by the repeated, thank you’s that I heard again and again.  They love this program and it’s very clear how grateful they are to be in it.




Love 21 Foundation is such a unique charity.  It is solely funded by you and I.  You may think that by just attending a party or buying a shirt, your role is small, but honestly none of this would be possible without your generosity or participation!  

Name another charity where you can have more impact!  I dare you!!  🙂

I invite all of you to join me on a Saturday to see our kids play football.  You’ll love it!  It may be a bit different than your typical Saturday afternoon in Hong Kong, but I’m quite certain you’ll really enjoy it!

So, get yourself a new shirt, (or 3!) at and come join us on the Halloween junk party on October 30th! I still have 10 spaces for this party, and joining it will not only be a great time, it’ll provide the Love 21 Foundation kids with so much!


Thanks for taking the time to read this!!  Hope you all have a wonderful day!!


3 comments on “myHK: Lots a Dots!

  1. brielle8383
    October 25, 2015

    Sounds fabulous. Do the shirts ship to the USA? I would be interested in that. Hope Saturday was a wonderful day with loads of people there to watch the kids. Keep doing an amazing job and posting such inspirational updates.

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