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myHK: Junk Party Recap Plus Plus!


Well, I’ve almost recovered from last week’s Halloween junk boat party…


It was an outstanding night to say the least! We not only had a great time on the boat, and off the boat, we raised nearly $10,000HKD for Love 21 Foundation!

This money raised will go so far in helping us start our new yoga, hiking and nutritional programs very soon.

I love that we are able to fund such meaningful activities for a wonderful group of individuals, through just having fun at events like this!







I’d like to thank everyone who came on the boat, contributed through donations or simply helped spread the word of what we’re trying to accomplish here!




Special thanks to @ayeshasitaraa for the amazing photos!! Check out more of her awesome pics on instagram!


It’s an exciting time for Love 21 Foundation. We have a nutritionist and special needs counsellor that we are working with and our direction is very focused. I can’t wait to see where this initiative takes us. 

In the meantime, the beat goes on, and we’ll continue raising money through events. We need a considerable amount of money for the second term of football starting in January, as well as for new yoga mats for the yoga classes starting soon.

We will have a Painting Jam party on the 20th of November. It’s on a Friday night from 7-10pm in my building’s clubhouse. For $400 you’ll have a night of painting, drinks, food and laughs (most likely after seeing my painting…). Everything is included in the $400.  It’s such a great deal because the painting studio KA Atelier has donated their time and supplies for free!  We only need to purchase the canvas.

Please check out KA Atelier!  Here’s their FB page. Give them a LIKE ! 

Check out our Love 21 Foundation FB page here for more on the painting event

This event will only allow space for 20 painters and I have 11 paid already. If you’re interested in joining, please send me a message and I’ll give you the payment details.

It’s going to be a really fun night! Looking forward to seeing some new and old friends out for a great cause!

Another way to support Love 21 is through buying one of our fundraising T-Shirts.



They are made of bamboo and are so comfortable!  You can buy them on our new site  

Thanks again for any and all support !!

Lastly, we will be handing out food and clothing to the homeless again next Wednesday for event 18.  You can find the info here

Hope to see you there!  And for a beer afterwards!
Cheers everyone! Have a great day!


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