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ImpactHK: Turning Point



I believe ImpactHK has another opportunity to take its’ support of the homeless in Hong Kong to the next level.

We are seeing a great turnout to our Tuesday and Thursday Kindness Walks. At every event we are seeing a good number of first time and returning volunteers.

We are also seeing the homeless problem in Hong Kong spiralling out of control with very few if any innovative ideas of how to handle this issue, let alone fix it.



ImpactHK has the goal of being a familiar face for the homeless.  We want to further build trust and connections in the homeless communities we support.  

We want to have conversations.   We want to listen to their needs.   We want to offer a way out for those ready to take that leap.  


The next step for ImpactHK is to increase our number of visits, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.  Starting this week! 

We are taking our number of walks from 8 per month to 20! 

Will I personally be doing all of these walks?!  Lord no!! 😳

Luckily some of our regular volunteers have offered to lead these extra Kindness Walks! 



We are still seeking individuals who would like to lead their own Kindness Walks.  If being a leader as little as once per month interests you, please send us a message through Facebook or by email to and i’d be happy to discuss. 

I’m so excited about being able to offer more support and kindness to this community in need!! 

I believe it is our next step towards reaching our goals and I hope you’ll join us is showing the homeless community in Hong Kong that they are cared for and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel! 

Have a great week everyone!! 


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