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Lion Rock News: New Transformer Toy to be Air-Con Unit


New Transformer Toy to be Air-Con Unit

Following news that the new Transformers movie world premier is to take place right here in Hong Kong, whoever it is that makes them is bringing out a new limited-edition model to mark the occasion.

‘Extortico’ starts out as a thuggish, robotic member of the Decepticons, before changing into an air conditioning unit with limited flight abilities on a hot or humid day. When deployed in battle, ‘Extortico’ is also supposed to transform into a cash-dispensing ATM, although early users have reported some problems with this experience.

When quizzed on the attractiveness of such a new product, Causeway Bay toy store owner Wai Lee Won Ka expected they would soon be flying off the shelves, especially in the direction of the Bay.

Occasional contributor and post-80s toy fanatic, NewChinaHand, remarked ‘When they can transform into a decent movie, I’ll think about buying one,’ before returning to his well-worn collection of GI Joe action figures.

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