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Lion Rock News: NCH MIA; LRN FTW!




During one of his many jaunts around the mainland, correspondent NewChinaHand has decided to withdraw from civilised society. He was last seen in the deepest, darkest bowels of a KTV parlour, singing Celine Dion songs on loop, asking his associates to ‘leave me be!’ His conditions of captivity seemed to be acceptable (Carlsberg), but it emerged he might not emerge for some time.

Stepping into the breach is a new blog we’d like to introduce today. LionRockNews is a sideways glance at the hottest issues in Hong Kong, in the timeless comedic style of the Onion or the Daily Mash. If you’re unaware of these two publications, you’re in for a startling, confusing, but illuminating roller coaster ride of satirical sophistry.

Perhaps you’ve already been fooled by LRN, who shamelessly appropriated NCH’s blog on that most auspicious of days: April 1st. It is rumoured that NCH retreated to the mainland after being repeatedly asked how Hong Kong’s birth rate could have been affected by the rugby sevens – read the original article here

LRN does not set out to offend, only to amuse. Those feeling hard done by may simply switch off their device, turn around and walk ten paces (watching for traffic, of course) to regain a sense of perspective. Otherwise all complaints can be targeted at Mr J as he commissioned the darn thing!

Get ready to LOL, ROFL and PYSL at LRN! LionRockNews: “The News Hong Kong Deserves”

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