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pollipops: This Story is NUTS!!

Are there any festival goers out there?!
Perhaps you’re looking for one of the hardest festivals out there, but isn’t too long.
How about the Kanamara Matsuri Festival?!
Oh, you don’t know that festival?
It’s the festival of the steel phallus.
That’s right!
Shopper’s paradise!
                            Chris McGrath/Getty Images
This popular event is covered in cocks.  Penis shaped balloons are blown up and while young and old suck on penis shaped lollipops.
Look at the happy revelers!!
                            Chris McGrath/Getty Images
The festival’s roots are traced back to the 17th century when prostitutes are said to have prayed for protection against sexually transmitted diseases at Kawasaki Shrine.
So, next Spring, you know where to go!
This is unfortunately our last pollipops.  So, you could say we’re going out with a bang…
But, don’t worry, we’ll have a new blog replacing it, that we’re very excited about.  Stay tuned!
Have a great one!


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