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pollipops: bigFOOT is dead!

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Rick Dyer has done what myself and millions of others have always dreamed of!  He killed Bigfoot.

I write this blog, with a heavy heart.  Just days ago, I had ‘finding Bigfoot’ near the top of my resolutions list, and when I came upon this news article, honestly, it hurt.  I was happy to see that the famous sasquatch was found, cause I always knew it existed, but I really thought it was going to be me to find it.

I scoffed at how Americans always claimed it was there and I thought I had an advantage being here in Hong Kong.  Nobody was looking here, except me.  I did many hunts/walks on Mount Parker and around the Peak in search of the big guy and frankly came up short.

I did come close though!  One night in LKF I really thought I had it!  But, it turned out to be a musician named Melvis…

Rick Dyer is the man.  He had a simple yet brilliant idea.  Rick bought some pork ribs from Walmart and nailed them up on a tree in a wooded area outside San Antonio.  He sat in his tent and waited patiently.  Sure enough, the famous beast came right up and wolfed down those delicious ribs right in front of him.

We all know how eating ribs can be a yummy but messy treat.  This cleaning process gave Mr. Dyer plenty of time to shoot down Bigfoot, who’s body is now being fully tested now and soon the results will obviously prove him right.

Rick Dyer is planning on touring throughout North America showing the body to believers and non-believers for a fee, and a full documentary will surely come.

I’m trying not to be super bitter while writing this. But, this guy has it made!  He’s touring! He’s the talk of the town.  This was supposed to be me.

Well, at least I still have Osama Bin Laden on my list.  I’m coming for you Osama!!

Have a great weekend everyone!



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This entry was posted on January 10, 2014 by in Pollipops.

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