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NewChinaHand: Nailed it!

Would you notice a 3-inch nail stuck in your head? Chances are, no! Because you’d probably be dead.

But for one lucky (?) 55-year-old Jiangsu, China, resident, this question is far from hypothetical. Whilst doing some DIY at home, he seemed to skip the middle initial and had a go at ‘doing’ himself. A freak accident with a cutter shot the nail into his head so quickly he didn’t even notice. Imagine his shock when the X-rays came back.

Check out this hilariously inept video, with some good pics (not for the squeamish):

From a nail surplus, to a disturbing nail deficit: Xinhua are reporting a kindergarten in Hangzhou is losing pupils to a weird condition where their fingernails fall off. So far, 17 students have been directly affected and around 50 are showing symptoms. They definitely noticed this time, as well as concerned parents: 12 students have already been withdrawn. If it continues this way, the school might have to start again from scratch. Subtle.

One group who certainly don’t want to start from scratch are the artists who made these amazing nail paintings, on exhibition, according to Xinhua, in, er, China’s Taiwan. Take a look anyway: some fantastic achievements.

There you go! In two weeks I’ve successfully combined nails and balloons. It’s like some kind of blog magic trick. Everybody say ‘wow’!

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This entry was posted on January 13, 2014 by in NewChinaHand.

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