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pollipops: Go Marry Yourself!

Source: stockimages

Source: stockimages

Jennifer Hoes, of Holland, just celebrated her 9 year wedding anniversary–to herself!

And she’s not the only one. This trend is starting to pick up steam and thanks to this blog, you may be invited to a self-love wedding in the near future!

Although technically a same sex marriage, these have been going on for a while now without any outrage from the far right.

Recently on Anderson Cooper, Nadine Schweigert told of how she found all the love she needs, “in here,” while pointing towards her heart. I wasn’t there but I can just see the audience groaning at their bad scheduling luck. They’d hoped to be there for an interview with Hugh Jackman or some other super happy celebrity. Instead they got this freak show.

While self-marriage doesn’t legally commit you to anything, it does make you seem like you need to be committed. Or perhaps it’s a skillful ploy to have your ego stroked with brand new Crate and Barrel towels and dishware.

Now perhaps you think I’m being too harsh and that I should be more focused on her empowerment and acceptance and love of herself… yah da yah da yah da…

I’m all for people feeling confident in who they are and believing in themselves. I just don’t know why the term or act of marriage has to have anything to do with this self-enlightenment.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a happily married man because the process works for me and Mrs. J, but with nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce, why is it such a sought after goal? Talk about shooting for the unknown. And my guess is when these self-marriages end, they end badly!

Other than mirrors and diaries, what are some gifts to give him or her on their big day? Let me know what you think.

And love yourself (behind closed doors) !



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