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myHK: Rant Fest


I’ve gotta get some stuff off my chest.


Why does it seem that society is getting more and more messed up on the daily?!  Perhaps, it’s cause I’m getting wiser…  doubtful…  or maybe it’s cause the world is more connected and Dumb is very easily spread.

Anyways, here are some things that have been bugging me lately.


This is a picture of a toilet in one of the caged homes we visited in Kowloon.  Photo by Sean Creamer


American police shootings.

It makes me sick how little people value other people’s lives.  Seeing repeated news stories of policemen executing children is gut wrenching.  Also disturbing, are the ugly reactions seen in online comment sections.

When you read a story about a person getting shot, or killed, what is your first reaction?  Is it to call the victim stupid?  Or is it to feel sad that another life was lost?  Almost daily I read comments like, “That’s what happens!” or “He shouldn’t have done that!” as a first comment after seeing that a youth was killed.

What’s wrong with you that your first and only comment after reading about a death is to judge the dead person?!

Of course had you known the victim, it’d be different!  It’s so easy to sit back and judge people.


Black Lives Matter

It’s painfully obvious that the police in America treat African Americans differently than they do white Americans.  It seems like almost daily there’s another needless police killing in the states. And it’s unfortunately very clear that blacks are shot a lot more often and easily than whites.

So a movement in the states started called, #blacklivesmatter, bringing some attention to this serious problem.

So how do you respond to this if you’re white??

It’s easy!  You acknowledge it!!  You show empathy towards it!  It’s disgusting!!  It’s a problem that needs fixing! Right?

However, that’s not what some people do.  They reply with, “All lives matter!”.

This is the equivalent of seeing someone walking down the street with a pink ribbon bringing awareness to breast cancer, and yelling over to him or her, “All cancers matter!!!”

You either care or you don’t!!

It’s sad how little people care these days.



It seems that people are so self driven that they are either 100% A or 100% B.  They are so stuck and dedicated to winning their discussion/argument, that they absolutely refuse to acknowledge any aspect of the counter argument.

For example, vaccinations.  I know.  It’s a heated debate and some people can’t handle this discussion.  For me, honestly speaking I’m in the middle regarding vaccinations.  I fully understand the importance of them now and in the past.  I also have a mistrust of big pharm and their morals and business ethics.  They have clearly shown that they are willing to put forth products that are detrimental to society and individual’s health solely for the sake of profits.

However, when you try having a conversation about this topic you are met with either someone calling for the lockup of all parents not vaccinating or someone saying that vaccinations cause autism.

Why is it that pro-vaccinators are not able to acknowledge that mistrust of big pharm and paid off politicians is a problem?  Look at any comment section on this topic and I guarantee you, you will not see any middle ground.  You will see two sides completely shutting their ears to the other side’s points.  You’ll see vicious name calling and some of the most immature arguments online.

If you’re an anti-vaccinator and can’t admit that we don’t have proof that vaccinations cause autism, or a pro-vaccinator that argues that we shouldn’t even question big pharm, don’t bother!  You’re not helping anything!

Rant over!  Thanks for making it to the end!!  What gets under your skin?!  Let me know in the comments below.

Have a great week everyone and if you’re in Hong Kong, stay warm!


5 comments on “myHK: Rant Fest

  1. brielle8383
    January 28, 2016

    All very wonderful points and not so much of a rant as a spotlight on reality. The issues you brought forth are truly troubling occurances that happen daily here in the states, especially the vitriol fuele diatribes of Trump; please, oh please, do not let him become president.
    It makes me so sad to live in this country, knowing that it presents such a poor image to the rest of the world. Imagine though the frustration one feels living here and dealing with these issues daily, it is truly disheartening.
    I feel the time of greatness this country seems to want to return to, if there ever was one, is almost impossible. I feel your points you brought up are part of the reason why we will not be able to be great again. Racial inequality still exists, yet people think it doesn’t, or rather try to convince themselves it does not. Human lives in general don’t seem to matter too much to law enforcement officials; why is there so little use of non lethal force? Police are always reaching for their guns as a first resort, what message does that send? As you stated, instead of people being outraged, they blame the victim; oh, they shouldn’t have gotten into trouble in the first place. That is the sad reality of it all.
    Now as far as Trump goes, well, he proves that any idiot with enough money can buy his way into politics and actually have supporters. Proving how much like a third world country we truly are. Which goes hand in hand with winning. Everyone here has their viewpoint, yet nobody wants to see the other sides point. This is because there is such an emphasis on the “self” here in the states. This is how we end up with so many crazy candidates, spouting off hate filled rhetoric and people are all rah rah for them. People here don’t think of how their choices will affect others and they are fine with that, they just feel their viewpoint is the right one and that is the end of discussion.
    Well, it seems I went on a bit of a rambling rant, sorry about that. But just rest assured that what you stated are points that are shared by many others also. It’s at times like these I really would love to be an expat looking at this country from a distance, not part of all this insanity.

    • theguestroom
      February 4, 2016

      Feel the Bern!!

      It has to be him!! And I truly think it will be him! In my opinion it’s the last chance for America. At least for a long time…

      Clinton won’t bring change.

      The mainstream media has now proven itself to to not be just left or right. It’s completely for the establishment. Hopefully they won’t be able to silence Bernie’s message anymore.

      Good luck my friend!! We’re thinking of you from Hong Kong!!;)

      Mr J

  2. busanbridge
    January 31, 2016

    I was reading through you the most excellent rant and thinking to myself that you would make a most excellent runner in the American general election as a Trump trumper candidate. Thus, I am am interested on you opinion on immigration.

    • theguestroom
      February 4, 2016

      Hey Neil!;)
      How’s it going? Sorry for my late response! So busy these days!

      I like immigration!! Just look at me living in Hong Kong!! 😉

      Happy CNY!!

  3. busanbridge
    February 6, 2016

    Good Hear Ol’buddy. Busy is your middle name!

    Happy LNY!!

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