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myHK:The City that … SLEEPS !

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Hong Kong and New York are always compared for their pace, diversity and size.

But when it comes to New York’s motto, “The city that never sleeps!”
There’s just no comparison.

Hong Kong … SLEEPS !

IMG_0829In fact, you’ll probably find it very tough to find anywhere in the world where you see more people dozing off in public.

There are quite a few people in Hong Kong who don’t understand the difference between sitting and sleeping.

If they’re gonna sit, they’re going to sleep!

Whether it be on the train, in a meeting or on the street!

Now I’ve thought of 3 major reasons why I think these people are so tired. Here they are.

If you’re going to eat a whole loaf of white bread, (especially with your head halfway in the bag) unless you’re a big time athlete, that will make you sleepy! White rice, white…

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