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photo by ddpavumba/

photo by ddpavumba/

I want you to imagine that you are single, if you’re not already, and you’re dating online. You meet a very friendly and attractive partner and your relationship starts to speed up quickly.

This romance is also coupled with a lot of talk about you moving in together. Where? Into a new house of course! And this partner you met online just so happens to be a real estate agent! How convenient?!

You go on to find the perfect place. A little expensive, sometimes 40% over market value, but that’s not a problem because you and your new partner plan on living together and you’re in love! You sign the papers and things couldn’t be better.

Then, as you may have guessed, the agent doesn’t come around too much anymore, and eventually disappears…

Well, this is starting to be a common scam in Japan, with 42 reported cases in 2013.

However, 12 victims are fighting back! They have filed a lawsuit against the real estate agencies. And would you have guessed that 10 of these 12 victims are ladies?

There is an immense pressure to get married in Japan, and these gullible 30-40 year olds were easy pickings!

Now, my question for you readers! Do you think that this type of deception should be illegal?

Let me know in the comments section below!

Have a great weekend!


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