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EnHK: Advent Tree

advent use

Living in Hong Kong, we are lucky to have amazing views of the surrounding mountains and Harbour right from home. This year I decided to take advantage of the view and put our homemade advent calendar in the window to have a unique backdrop of the city and mountains beyond. I printed 24 rectangular cards each with the numbers 1-24 printed on the front. Then I found some advent calendar text to print and cut out for the back. E helped me glue each message on the back, we punched holes at the top of the cards, tied red strings and used artist erasers to stick them in the window in the shape of a tree! We made a green star out of planting wire for the top.

It’s a nice interactive way to count down the days to Christmas as we turn the cards and read the messages each day!

What kind of advent calendars have you made? I’d love to hear from you!

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DIY: I’ve attached advent text for the back of your cards….or put them in 24 little envelopes, put them in your child’s lunch box each day, tie them on your tree, or hide them under someone’s plate at breakfast each morning! Enjoy!

advent 2 use

Advent 1



2 comments on “EnHK: Advent Tree

  1. koolaidandvitamins
    December 2, 2013

    I love this! And your view ain’t bad either!

    • theguestroom
      December 2, 2013

      Thanks for reading! Glad you like the calendar. We’ve really enjoyed having it in our window this year.

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