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myHK:This is Long Overdue!

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a while now!  As you probably know, I have been a bit busy these days… but I must never be too busy to thank those who have made this adventure possible.

Many people told me I was absolutely insane for starting two different charities at exactly the same time, and as it turns out, they were totally right!


However THANKS to the support of you the reader, and a team of dedicated volunteers and a handful of businesses, this dream is actually becoming a reality.


For impactHK, I especially need to thank Geet and Bonnie.  You both are so committed to the cause of helping the homeless in Hong Kong!  You tirelessly step forward and get things done, while never complaining about my hundreds of whatsap messages per week!  ImpactHK would be nowhere near where it is now without you two!



Thanks so much to Ming Gor for his humanitarian spirit and for supporting our dinner voucher system.  The homeless that we support feel very comfortable going to your restaurant because they know they are welcomed. You’re an inspiration!



Thanks to Miss Poon at Star Laundry in Sham Shui Po.  You are the first laundry shop to support our Free Laundry Programme.  We are seeing more and more people in need use these vouchers and hopefully soon we will be able to get a laundry shop in each area where there are homeless camps.  We appreciate your flexibility and kindness so much!


Thanks to Passion Bakery in Tsim Sha Tsui for continuing to donate bread for all of our handouts!  Hopefully soon we will be working with dozens of bakeries at eliminating food waste and supporting the homeless. Thanks for accepting our little unknown charity!  We handed out your bread last night and it was so well received!



Thanks to the Notsoloud Theatre Company and Neil Harris,,, 2nd Chance Trading Co., Picada, Peel Fresco, and The White Stag.  You all have donated significant amounts of money to us and we have spent 100 percent of it on those in need.  As we are not yet registered, these donations had nothing to do with tax breaks or otherwise.  Your generosity and kindness is very much appreciated!


Lastly, thanks to all of hundreds of volunteers who have come out once or consistently to show kindness to people who are at the lowest points of their life.  This organic movement is all about the power of numbers, and it’s very clear that there are so many people in Hong Kong who truly care.  Your support has been such a driving force for us to continuously strive for progression with this charity, and I’m really excited for what’s to come!

Now for Love 21 Foundation!! 

My biggest thanks must go to our members.  I have now been friends with most of you for 9 years now!  It has been such a great experience working with you!  I look forward to every weekend and I appreciate how much you have taught me about love and kindness throughout this experience!  Words cannot express my gratitude for having your friendship in my life.


I need to thank our team of dedicated volunteers who have committed to being a part of this charity!  As we are expanding, luckily so is our volunteer base.  Although this charity is based around health and nutrition, friendship is always a top priority, and I love seeing you guys forming bonds with our awesome team.  Thanks for all you do!




I need to give a huge thanks to Debs and Rula Bula for their ongoing support of Love 21 Foundation!  Last year they pretty much funded half a year of our events through fundraising parties at Solas/Rula Bula.  Thanks so much!

Again I have to thank the Michelle and Jonny at The White Stag in Wanchai.  Not only do you run my favorite watering hole, you’re so instrumental in allowing Love 21 to grow.  Your generosity is so appreciated!

Thanks to all the supporters who have helped run events and those who have participated and donated!  You have directly provided me and our team with the opportunity to play with our great friends every weekend.  Cheers!  And hopefully you’ll join the next Great Hong Kong Bar Race in March!

Last but definitely not least, I need to thank my wife Juliana for not only putting up with my craziness, but also for starting The Book Jar Company and donating all money raised to Love 21 Foundation.  Juliana isn’t taking a salary or a penny from an incredible amount of work she has done creating this company.  She is simply doing this to help make this charity come to fruition.  Check out the website to see what she has created!  You can also get some children’s books that I have written.  So instead of purchasing birthday presents from Toys R Us, hopefully you can consider supporting this unique and caring endeavor.


Thanks for reading to the end!  Thanks for liking my ‘way too many’ Facebook and instagram posts!  And thanks for showing that you care!

This is a team effort and I’m excited to see where we can take this!





2 comments on “myHK:This is Long Overdue!

  1. brielle8383
    September 15, 2016

    What you do is so amazing and inspirational. You are making a world of difference to so many, that is a great thing.

    • theguestroom
      September 15, 2016

      Thanks Brielle! One step at a time;)

      Hope you’re well!

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