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impactHK: Caged Homes of Hong Kong- The Visit

Remember this?!!

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Normally, I publish impactHK on Saturdays, but I just couldn’t wait for this one.

This past Tuesday night, myself, our streetSNAP photographer and Mr.Lion Rock News headed out to Mongkok and Sham Shui Po to hand out the $10,000 we raised at Event 3.


We purchased gift certificates from Park n Shop and started our walk with Miss Sze, a very nice lady from SoCO, the Society for Community Organization.

Our first stop brought us to what are called, “Coffin Homes”, and that’s a very accurate description.  These tiny cubicles are ridiculously small and stuffy.  Many of the men who were living in them indicated to me how hot they were, but it was already very obvious.


We were told that these individuals pay around $1800 per box.  We could see that the small apartments had roughly 15 Coffin Homes in each of them.

Quick math indicated that the landlord could bring…

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