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myHK: Great Opportunity for YOU!!

Hello Hong Kong!!

As you probably know by now…. Due to my not stop social media presence/annoying behaviour, I am in the beginning stage of starting a new charity in a Hong Kong which is dedicated to improving the health and well being of those with Down Syndrome in Hong Kong.



Our new football programme will be starting the first week of October and I’m so pumped up to get started! We have an outstanding facility booked, top equipment and snazzy uniforms!

This football programme is 100% free for the kids and is funded by our last charity junk boat party and Drunk Hunt 2015! Thanks again to those who supported!!

A lot of the kids that I’ve worked with for 8 years for another charity will be joining us, which I’m so happy about. They’ve become some of my best friends in Hong Kong despite the language barrier.


As you might have read in previous blogs of mine, working with the Down Syndrome community has been easily one of the best things I’ve done. It’s been life changing to say the least and I look forward to potentially being able to work with this community for the rest of my life.

Etc etc!! I could go on and on about this!!

Love 21 Foundation will eventually have a wide range of activities and classes to offer. We even have secured a top nutritionist who is very excited at the prospect of helping.

For our second class, we want to start a walking/hiking program.
My thought is that this should be on a Sunday. It’ll be a program aimed at improving the health and fitness of the participants while also providing a social and fun experience.

I will not be able to attend this enough to run this program. So…. I’m putting it out to you the readers, or anyone you know!

Would you or someone you know be interested in this opportunity?!

If you think you’d like to be in charge of a program like this, send me an email to and we can discuss a lot more details.

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One more thing, I want this program to involve a mix of those and Down syndrome and not. I want it to be a big group of friends just getting out for some exercise and high fives. So anyone of you reading this will be able to join any walk or hike that is organised.

Ok, that’s all from me for now! Don’t hesitate at all to get in touch with me if you’re interested or have any questions!

Have a great one!

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