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myHK: My Letter to the Down Syndrome Community

With tomorrow being World Down Syndrome Day, let’s revisit my letter to the DS community.

The Guest Room

With World Down Syndrome Day fast approaching, I thought it’d be a good time for me to get some thoughts out.

My letter to the down syndrome community. 

As a kid growing up in Canada, I never knew anyone with Down syndrome. I actually never met or even talked to someone who had it.

Fast forwarding to my 30’s and I’d still never interacted with someone who had Down syndrome and I still knew nothing about it!

I was then living in Hong Kong and was running a charity coaching football(soccer) to underprivileged youth. One evening I was giving a speech about the program and it’s success. After that speech, I was approached by a doctor, who just so happened to be the head doctor for the Hong Kong Down Syndrome Association. He asked me if I thought a programme like this could work for the children in the HKDSA.

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