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myHK: The Interview!

3 days away from World Down Syndrome Day and our first annual Drunk Hunt.
Great time to take a look back at my interview with Kin Shing!;)

The Guest Room

image For the past six years I have been so lucky to spend a part of my Saturdays coaching football to a lovely group of boys with Downs syndrome and Autism.  This experience has been a life changing one for me, and some of my best friends who coach alongside me. Over the years I have built a very strong relationship with each of my team members.  Arriving at the pitch and seeing them each Saturday brings a massive grin to my face and theirs, with many hugs and high fives to follow. While the players in the programme are all native Hong Kongers, they don’t speak English.  However, language is rarely an issue.  In fact, most friends that come along to watch the football training are usually quite shocked at how well they do understand our instructions and at how well we pretend to undertand their Cantonese. I thought for my blog this week I would…

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