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streetSNAP: Post no Bills pt.1

I enjoy snapping pics of the billboards, signs and advertising as they interact with the environment and people. However, nowadays it seems like our entire world is surrounded by images of other people enjoying themselves  – sometimes i wonder what life would look like without advertising. That gives me an idea…watch this space.


IMG_1090 IMG_5775 IMG_3160 DSC04882Next time on streetSnap, more post no bills!



3 comments on “streetSNAP: Post no Bills pt.1

  1. brielle8383
    March 15, 2015

    I kind of enjoyed all the postings throughout HK, it makes the city feel so active and “awake”/ alive . Awake seeming funny because everyone was continuously yawning, or taking a nap.
    I miss the postings because I live in a more rural area, an area where the only postings are of lost pets.

    • theguestroom
      March 15, 2015

      Hey Brielle,
      Ha!! Lost pet signs eh?!;) not so nice…

      we are living in a world of adverts, but at least these are quite attractive

      Hope you’re having a great weekend!

      • brielle8383
        March 16, 2015

        The weekend here is snowy. Wish I were in HK with warmer temps.
        Hope the weekend was smashing for you Mr J.

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