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Now that I’m a permanent resident of Hong Kong, I think it’s time for me to get some things off my chest!
Before this, there was that trembling fear of being told to, “Go back where you came from!” by a die hard expat.
But, I’m here to stay and I’ve been here for eight years for a reason.  So, don’t get getting your panties in a bunch…

Number 1-The Queue
I don’t like it when I’m lining up for at a restaurant or at Disneyland and someone is rubbing up on my butt for no reason!  I can’t move forward and even if I did, it wouldn’t get me what I want any sooner.  This lack of patience and understanding of space can be infuriating for me.  The worst of it is at Disneyland where the person behind me will literally be breathing down my neck and then sneak to…

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