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pollipops: Erwiana takes one for the team

Today, Erwianna’s abusive former employer was sentenced to 6 years in prison!

I wrote this blog about her almost a year ago!

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If you’ve been awake over the past week in Hong Kong, I’m sure you heard of Erwiana, an Indonesian maid who’s story has dominated the news, in a sad story of how she was repeatedly beaten by her employers for more than half a year.

While this story sickens me, there are some obvious positives to come from it. The Hong Kong community is making a real push to change the laws and enforce the so-called rules that have been in place to protect Hong Kong’s helpers.

Hong Kong has just over 300,000 domestic helpers with the majority coming from the Philippines and Indonesia. This massive demongraphic plays an essential part in so many Hong Kong people’s lives, yet they are treated on the cusp of slavery.

Erwiana’s case is one of many, but this one crossed the tipping point between abuse and potential manslaughter, so it has fortunately gotten…

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