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streetSnap: Chinese New Year 2015

The year of the furry, horned and hooved animal is upon us. Unfortunately i did not get out and watch the festivities this year as sleep is much more important than fireworks(those with children will understand). I did get a couple of pics from the days afterwards. Please check out last years pics for a better idea of what goes on on Lamma Island.

DSC04621 DSC04831 DSC04799 Photo 19-2-15 6 11 38 pm Photo 19-2-15 8 04 58 amKung Hei Fa Choi!



One comment on “streetSnap: Chinese New Year 2015

  1. brielle8383
    February 27, 2015

    Hopefully I will be there to celebrate in the coming year or two. It must be crazy.

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