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QQQQQ: Meet the Domestic Helper

So, the Hong Kong government thinks that this person shouldn’t have the right to live in her own place?!

The Guest Room


I am Edna Pilapil, from the Philippines. I have been working as a domestic helper for three years now. I try to get involved in various Filipino community activities and I like exploring Hong Kong in my spare time.


Hi Edna, does Hong Kong feel like home?

Yes, it does. There’s something about Hong Kong that tugs at you the moment you set foot on its soil, plus the presence of more than a hundred thousand Filipinas here surely helps.

Which law regarding Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong would you like to see changed?

The two-week rule. This requires all Foreign Domestic Helpers to leave Hong Kong within 14 days after their contracts are prematurely terminated. This law leaves very little time for us to seek for new employment.
For quite some time, Organizations of Migrant Workers have been lobbying for amendments in the HK rules for Domestic Helpers, and…

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