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street SNAP: Small Fry

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Fishing (3)
What would you expect to catch when fishing in HK? Polystyrene boxes? Plastic Bags? Boots(I’ve seen it happen), or in this weather, a cold? Believe it or not, Hong Kong has fish, real fish that can be eaten, albeit a by small! Here are a couple pics of people fishing around Hong Kong.
Fishing (1)
Fishing 2
So now you know what fishing looks like in Hong Kong. Obviously you want to know what the fish look like too…Well, here ya go! Delicious looking, aren’t they?
Fishing 5
Next week I ‘tackle’ some of Hong Kong’s most obnoxious smokers!

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2 comments on “street SNAP: Small Fry

  1. brielle87
    January 11, 2015

    I wonder how polluted the fish are??

    • theguestroom
      January 12, 2015

      Hey Brielle, im sure its not good…;(

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