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myHK: MTR People Gone Wild!

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The MTR in Hong Kong is full of characters!  A people watchers paradise!  Here are a few of my favorites!
“Clip! Clip!  Clip!”  Ahhh, the lovely sound of nails being clipped!  This is one of those sounds that doesn’t bother you if you’re making it, but listening to someone else make it can be so infuriating.  Luckily the MTR floor is like a bottomless pit.  It just swallows up whatever falls on it from boogies to Mainlander’s urine.
Seat Predators
These are the people who are always ready to pounce on a seat the minute someone stands up.  Some are more obvious than others, with their direct stares, while others sneakily pretend to be looking away, keeping their competition complacent.  Seat Predators will do anything to get their seat!
Yawning Lions
These individuals don’t give a F%$#!  They have throats and lungs that they are so proud of, they…

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