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streetSNAP: Beach Camping

I love photography, camping and bodyboarding – It’s not often that i get to do all three! Last weekend i was lucky enough to join the Hong Kong Photography Club on a camping outing to Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung; It also happened to be the annual HK surfing competition! Now to get to this beach there are two ways, the long way and the really long way. The really long way involves and MTR, a minibus, another bus, a ferry and a steep 30-45min hike. The long way involves the MTR, a taxi, a speedboat and a a steep 30-45min hike. The weather was perfect, there was a bit of swell and we had a great group of photographers – could have gotten any better? Of course it could, i brought ingredients to make S’mores!!! These are the pics from my overnight on the beach. All pictures were taken with a very small and very powerful point and shoot camera – the Sony RX100iii.

DSC01821 DSC01830 DSC01850 DSC01886 DSC01932 DSC01942 DSC01945

This is me, sun burnt, sweating and in desperate need of a cold beer!

This is me, on the left, sun burnt, sweating and in desperate need of a cold beer!

Next time on streetSNAP, Clockenflap 2014!!!

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One comment on “streetSNAP: Beach Camping

  1. brielle87
    November 27, 2014

    Looks great, must gave been a wonderful time. Next time remember lots of sunscreen, sunburn is bad for skin.

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