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myHK: Parenting Mistakes Hong Kong Edition

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These three points are more focussed on toddlers in Hong Kong, but feel free to apply them to whoever you want !!

1. Walking the Kid

If you haven’t noticed already, you will after reading this! So many parents in Hong Kong walk their children, rather than walk with them.

Luckily for everyone, a lead is not (usually) involved.

It’s very easy to spot this scenario because the parent has a firm grip of the child’s wrist rather than walking hand in hand. The child is lead from place to place and might as well have his or her eyes closed on the way because zero thoughts are neccessary for this trip. The child simply gets pulled and dragged between and around people.

Basically this boils down to a lack of patience by the parent. Children obviously need to learn to think for themselves and work together with others.


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