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myHK: How about a little rant…

Did anyone watch the Hong Kong vs Argentina football match at Hong Kong Stadium last night?

Many were shown a powerful display by some of the best footballing talents in the world. However clearly not enough as the stadium was half empty.

My rant today isn’t targeting the overpriced tickets, or the small amount of the discounted youth/student tickets that they had for sale-which easily sold out. It’s not even directed at how pathetic the Hong Kong Football Association is at promoting football as a sport to the youth of Hong Kong.

It’s directed at their PR Department.

As many of you know I’ve been helping coach the Hong Kong Dragons, a football team here in Hong Kong with members who have Down Syndrome or autism.

If you didn’t know this, please check out a few more of my blogs where you can clearly see how awesome and loving these friends of mine are.

You’ll also see that they love football!


I know that it would have made them so happy to go to the game last night, so we wrote a letter to the Hong Kong Football Association asking for tickets.

They didn’t even respond.

Not sure if I should have been surprised… But it hurt a bit looking at pictures of so many empty seats.

What a waste! And not just because our group didn’t get an opportunity to see the game. Thousands of others missed out on this opportunity because of the HKFA’s total lack of vision and incompetence.

Rant over. Have a great weekend everyone!


IMG_3867photo by our streetSNAP photographer, Sean Creamer

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