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QQQQQ: Meet the Sex Shop Owner

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Stefanie is the founder of Showtime Concepts established 5 years ago.  The business consists of a 1600+ sq ft  retail shop in Soho Central and an online store selling all things intimate.
Hey Stefanie, let’s get right into it!  Do you find Hong Kongers to be quite conservative when it comes to sex?

Yes, I am afraid so.  Sex has been such a taboo subject that many Hong Kongers just don’t talk about.  Lack of proper sex education doesn’t help either.  Ladies grow up feeling such guilt and sinfulness thinking about sex and they wouldn’t dare acknowledge their sexual needs.  Men might have more vivid fantasies possibly inspired by the Japanese AV porns but perhaps that’s not something that their partners would want to fulfill or would he even dare to suggest.  Small living spaces with other family members or sharing tight spaces with a helper, also makes it difficult for couples…

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