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my HK: Have you been in HK too long?

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Have you been in Hong Kong too long ?

Hong Kong is a city that can make or break you. Some thrive and some barely survive.
I’ve seen the kindest and most patient of people turn into fierce animals.

Have you been in Hong Kong too long? Total your score to help you decide.

While seated on the MTR, if a seat on the end becomes available, do you switch seats?
3 Points- Always, keep me away!
2 Points- Sometimes, it’s the best seat.
1 Point- Never

Do you say, “Lah” at the end of your sentences?
3 Points- Always, it’s okay, lah.
2 Points- Sometimes, it just slips out.
1 Point- Never, I speak English.

Do you hold open the door for people coming behind you?
3 Points- Never, I don’t have time for that.
2 Points- Sometimes, if I’m not in a rush.
1 Point- Always, it’s too…

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