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New China Hand: China Beach Special!

China Beach Special!

Soaking up the last rays of summer? You’ll want to head down to the nearest coastal resort, plonk a towel on the (golden? really?) sands and immerse yourself in the holiday spirit unique to the beaches of modern China. Our handy guide – based on some of China’s top seaside resorts – will help you make the most of it.

1. Choose what to wear

Matching garish two-piece outfits, Sanya-style, are IN! Make sure you look exactly the same as your spouse / friend / sibling to establish common identity, reinforce your bond or simply be prepared for team sports. You never know when that game of volleyball will break out!

2. Get extra protection

High-SPF sun cream? Check! Long-sleeve wetsuit bikini? Check! Face and head protection? Oh yes! favourite: the facekini! Originating in sophisticated seaside metropolis Qingdao (coincidentally the home of Chinese beer. Coincidentally…), these swimsuit-material balaclava-style head-encompassing ladies’ favourites are now taking off on fashion catwalks around the world. Not only do they offer protection from a variety of nuisances – UV, jellyfish, algae, dating – they allow the user to enjoy the sunshine in near total anonymity. Bonus points for cross-family coordination.

3. Find a spot

Bei Hai Silver Beach is one of the finest in China, stretching for around 24 kilometres. For full enjoyment, though, you need to jostle for position within the first 50 yards or so. Forget deck chairs: garden furniture is the order of the day, rentable by the hour. Make sure to get a premium view of the horizon, with its mesmerising interplay of shipping and fishing boats. Buy a fried snack to pass the time!

4. Sit back and relax!

All in all, we at hope you enjoy your trip to the beaches of China and come back refreshed, ready for a new challenge. Please send in any stories and photos using the comments section below. Happy Beaching!


2 comments on “New China Hand: China Beach Special!

  1. brielle87
    September 3, 2014

    Fabulously funny!!

    • NewChinaHand
      September 7, 2014

      Thanks for your support, brielle87! I hope we can keep you laughing (or at least muffled tittering in the office).

      There’s nothing funnier than real life, though, is there??


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