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QQQQQ: Meet the Traitor



Steve is originally from London and after previously living in Hong Kong he is currently working at an International school in Shanghai



Let’s get right at it! Why’d you choose Shanghai over Hong Kong?

It was the opportunity that chose me. I spent a year after university in Hong Kong in 2006-7 before returning to London to complete my teacher training and teach in London for a couple of years. After the great year in Hong Kong I was looking to teach Internationally in the future and an opportunity in Shanghai came up. I guess you could say without the year in Hong Kong I would not be here in Shanghai.
What do you enjoy doing in Shanghai that you can’t do in Hong Kong?
When I was preparing to move to Shanghai 5 years ago I thought it would be similar to Shanghai as it was a metropolitan city and business centre however the first few days were a shock..Hong Kong is clearly developed and on a small smaller scale compared to Shanghai.. Shanghai is still developing and 5 years ago the pace of change accelerated in preparation for the world much of the city was a building site. Shanghai is a city of over 20 million people and sometimes it feels like it! Due to the pace of change in Shanghai it seems like therealre always new areas developing and places to try out..Shanghai feels like  a messy 20 something city finding its way while Hong Kong is a more stable 30 something city.
If you could take one bar, restaurant or product from HK with you to Shanghai, what would you bring?
No matter how much Shanghai develops in the next 10 years, it will never have the awesome geography of Hong Kong. In Hong Kong you are never more than a short MTR or taxi ride away from a hike, a trip to Sai Kung or junk ride.Even on Hong Kong Island you can go to the beach,, walk to the peak or hike Mount Parker. It is easy to get away from the concrete jungle. In Shanghai it is more difficult to get out of the city for a break and even when you do you are never far away from a China sensory overload experience with a mass of people and commotion..
Which of these two cities do you foresee being a better expat city in ten years time?
I think Hong Kong’s history, geography and financial position will mean that it will always be high on the list of expat destinations. It will be interesting to see where Shanghai is in10 years times.
As your great ImpactHK events highlights in Hong Kong, both cities have to address the growing disparity between rich and poor.
You’re coming back right?!!
I’m happy in Shanghai now and it all depends on the opportunity. I am also approaching middle age!. 
Are you offering me a job?
I’d be happy to offer you a blog on our site!!  🙂 
Thanks for doing this!  I’m going to do my very best to get out there to Shanghai this year!  Cheers mate!
If any of you have any questions for Steve about life in Shanghai, I’m sure he’d be happy to hear your questions.
Take it easy everyone!
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