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NewChinaHand: Guess Who’s Back?!



And let’s get straight down to it. I’m sure we’ve all fallen asleep in the job at one point, right? I slept three times while writing this – hopefully more than you did reading it (unless you use the to lull yourself to slumber after a hard day’s slog – in which case, I’ll try and keep it down).

Surely some jobs lend themselves to sleeping a bit better than others. Librarian, for example, mattress tester, or teacher.

But if you made a list of jobs where you really wouldn’t want a sleepy-head at the helm, what would they be? Security guard? Brain surgeon? Premier League Footballer?

How about air-traffic controller? Well, wouldn’t you know it, that’s our story today, courtesy of NCH regular: the city of Wuhan in central China.

According to The Straits Times, a China Eastern Airlines flight from Sanya (South China – Hainan Island) was unable to land as not one, but TWO of the snoozy controllers had fallen asleep.

Why? Complacency? A big night? Easy listening country hits on the radio? Who knows, but coffee sellers everywhere really need to get a piece of this market. And whoever makes Dreamliners.

The good news is nobody was hurt. The plane landed and life goes on. Don’t let it keep you awake at night.

Unless you’re on night shifts.

And you’re an air-traffic controller.


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