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Lion Rock News: HK’s on Holiday!

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HK’s On Holiday!

Tourists flocking to the SAR this week were disappointed to discover that the city was closed ‘for vacation’. Those arriving at the airport were encouraged to ‘go to somewhere cooler’ and ‘come back in late August’.

Shops remain closed, taxis were nowhere to be seen and even protestors seemed to have ended hunger strikes and picket lines to flee the city. With temperatures set to reach, er, roughly the same as previous weeks, it was clear to many that only one course of action existed.

Expat worker Annette Teacher was one of many that said ‘out of office auto reply’ in response to our questions, the meaning of which this reporter is yet to uncover. Wild dogs and feral cattle in Sai Kung were also nowhere to be seen, but flyers for “Noah’s cruises” were strewn around the ferry pier.¬†regular contributor NewChinaHand commented “What? Everyone? I’m outta here!” before donning a pair of Speedos two sizes two small, grabbing a beach towel and diving out of the window.

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