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by JAR: Country Heather

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Looking for a simple way to alter your extra large white floor to ceiling wardrobe? How about painting a geometric shape on 3/4 of the doors like the Country Heather rectangle shown here, bottom middle of this week’s collage. If this feels too bold, try painting the handles any hue to match or mismatch with the surrounding room, like on these linear blue handles.

I love the idea of having large windows to frame views of the surrounding city. This small round window within the larger window is an excellent compromise to allow airflow without loosing the large opening.

Simple changes like swapping tables can really alter or update any room. This is an innovative 2 legged side table that leans on the wall for support without taking lots of space. You could go bold with this bright orange dining room table to really make a statement!

I often suggest to collage artwork, mirrors etc. together on living room or dining room walls. Here’s a great example of layered images and objects on a mantel, as an alternative solution to displaying more things than you may have space for.

I always love finding beautiful lights to transform spaces. These white cone lights would add a nice subtle character to a high ceiling entry, or hang beautifully over a large wood block dining room table.

Tomorrow I’m off to France. I’ll be taking a break from collage for the summer, and instead posting some striking French images, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

I’ll leave you with a dining room I created using sculptural lighting & geometric circular forms in Bangkok, and a simple solution to update any dining room with new upholstery. Enjoy and see you next week from Paris! Mrs. J




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3 comments on “by JAR: Country Heather

  1. brielle87
    July 10, 2014

    Bon voyage!! You are going to my country of birth. Enjoy the beauty that is France.

  2. brielle87
    July 10, 2014

    Also, can hardly wait to see what images you will share from there.

  3. roseinshenzhen
    September 23, 2014

    I wish I could just pay someone 20 bucks and leave for the weekend and come home to something cool like this 🙂

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