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Lion Rock News: Cockroaches Complain About HK Apartment Sizes

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The Union of Cockroaches has today launched a formal complaint to the government about ‘the cramped conditions we are forced to live and work in’. The complaint, the first of its kind, is a reminder of the suffering of non-human species in the far-from-natural living environment of the territory.

“Don’t get us wrong: we appreciate the proximity of food crumbs in the kitchen to a moist nesting area in the wet room,” said Union leader Ken Roach, speaking through an interpreter, “but some of us plan to have families. There’s only a certain amount of roaches you can fit in a 20 metre square apartment, and it’s hell if you don’t get on with any of your extended family members. It just seems that no-one is thinking of the little guy anymore.”

Roaches from across Hong Kong have been converging on restaurant hotspots in Central to try and raise awareness…

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