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by JAR: Zanzibar Retreat

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Clean lines & basic materials like plywood, stainless steel, and concrete can come together to offer warm modern rustic spaces that keep renovation costs down. This kitchen gets the modern rustic look right by utilising the existing concrete walls with some added wooden hung shelving for exposed storage, stainless steel counter top and wooden cabinetry. The open hole door pulls rather than knobs and handles allow air flow, which can be a useful trick with the high humidity levels in Hong Kong that trap moisture in closed spaces causing mold.  The Stainless steel island is actually a free stand alone gas cooker on a cart with the gas can sitting under on the cart to allow flexibility and mobility within the kitchen. Top off the look with an industrial light and maybe a couple metal stools.

Want to have a library in a smaller space? Try using this sort of open slat bookshelf. It’s less dense than solid wood with a modern airy feeling sure to add a unique character to any space.

I love to add colour to transform spaces adding character. When I saw this raw plywood bed frame (bottom left) I was surprised that I liked it just as it is. There is something in the simplicity of this room that just works. Although I probably would have added paint to the frame during the design phase if it were my own project, I’m taking note that it’s ok to just go with raw wood sometimes.

How about this hip Mythic colour matched Zanzibar Retreat chair? (bottom right) I love how there’s just a bit of privacy created like a zone of space to sit back and enjoy a good book. I wish I had space in my house for one of these! That’s Hong Kong living for ya!

Within my own designs, I often use combinations of concrete, stainless steel, slate, wood and other raw materials. Here are a couple of kitchen’s I’ve completed that were designed with lower budgets in mind.  Hope you enjoy and see you next week. Mrs. J


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