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myHK: Flying with Toddlers

With summer holidays approaching, Mr.J gives you his 4 best tip for flying with little ones!

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One of the best things about living in Hong Kong is it’s proximity to so many great and diverse Asian countries. We are so central here and so many wonderful cultures are just a stone’s throw away.

Although we have a three year old daughter, we have never travelled more. In her three years, we have been to over 15 countries.

So, I think we’ve got this, ‘flying with a kid’ thing down, and I’d like to throw 4 important tips your way.

1. Ammunition
Don’t worry, I’m not talking about guns or weapons here! I’m talking about having a load of toys and food for your child ready to go. Keeping your child busy is the key. Your child will go from activity to activity, and you don’t want crying to be one of those. Eating as many healthy snacks during a flight is a good thing. Keeps their…

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