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by JAR: Shiney Nickel

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Let’s talk mobiles. The graceful simplicity of various materials moving on nearly invisible connectivity is visually pleasing to me. Whether fun and playful for children or intricate and sophisticated for an elegant modern room, mobiles are kinetic sculptures that can add dynamic to any space. Here are three that I haven’t seen before.  I love the simplicity of the 4 linear metal pieces, the playful balls and the various birds about to take off in flight. Each would compliment nearly any size space as a design element to add some personality and character to the room. Do you have a mobile in your house?

How about these chairs? I often like to mix and match various dining room chairs of different shapes and sizes to create an eclectic aesthetic.  I rather like the simplicity of this unique shaped chair used in its various colours of orange, white and sage green. The table with unfinished raw wooden legs completes the look with clean modern simplicity.

I’ve added the bench on the lower right for the brilliant turquoise fabric colour, and the A bookshelf upper left, for the unique storage use.  Both are movable elements that can add pops of character and colour to liven up or transform any space.

This week I’ve gone warm with Shiney Nickel, a soft gray colour matched to the gray walls behind the mobiles.

Below is an example of a custom made wooden mobile created for a recent project. I knew the shapes of the wooden pieces would create a dynamic effect, but the shadows the mobile portrayed where an unexpected welcomed surprise. This mobile really transformed the space with its sculptural simplicity and playful shadows. Enjoy and see you here next Tuesday! Mrs. J




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