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QQQQQ: Meet the Rooftop Rebel!

Kay is an Instagram star with over 25,000 followers due to his amazing photographs taken on rooftops here in Hong Kong and abroad.  Meet the Rooftop Rebel !
Hi Kay! Can you tell us a little about yourself and what motivates you to take these photos?
I’m 25-years-old, grew up in a Hogwarts-esque looking boarding school in England and moved to Hong Kong about 5 years ago. I was motivated to start taking these pictures after hearing my friends complain about life in Hong Kong. The same sequential “I work in a 9 to 6 job, don’t get paid what I deserve and having to return to my shoe-box apartment every evening.” It became formality except there’s so much more to Hong Kong than that and that’s what I wanted to show people.
What’s the scariest picture that you’ve taken?
The scariest picture, and probably my favourite one, is when I was on this rooftop with my friend Marjon. Putting someone else’s life in your hand (literally) is a big responsibility.
I know you’ve recently been to India and took some great shots there. Can you share a pic and tell us a little bit about your trip?
India is a funny country. Funny in the sense that you always here the media speaking about the corruptions, the politics, the rapes et al. What about the beautiful side? The culture, the food and the travel? I visited the 2nd biggest slum in Mumbai and came across a group of kids trying to find their plastic ball which had disappeared down a sewage. I decided to buy them a replacement and in return, they took me on top of the roofs where they lived. Their families even invited me for a snack after learning I wasn’t from the local area. Such is the hospitality that often goes unnoticed. The rich seem to be getting richer and vice versa.
The popularity of taking pics on rooftops is quickly growing. Do you think it’s only a matter of time til someone dies?
It’s incredible to see the growing number of rooftoppers in Hong Kong and worldwide. Ever since Vitaliy & Vadim climbed the Shanghai Tower, they’ve given people the impetus to take risks. It’s great to see people living in the moment, however, with these risks come massive consequences. All it takes is one slip. I try to my best to remind people that their life and the people that will be affected are worth far more than being an online sensation.
I really enjoy following you on Instagram. Where do you see this ride taking you?
Thanks Jeff, I appreciate your charity and community work likewise. For now, I am 100% focussed on my new job but in the future? Who knows. Adventure is out there! – A quote from one of my favourite films – Up.
Thanks a lot for stopping by The Guest Room Kay!  I definitely recommend everyone on Instagram to check out his work!  
You can follow him @kulkimoose 
If you have any questions for Kay, let’s hear them in the comment’s section below!  Let him have it!  What do you think of his photos?!
And if you have a suggestion for who I should interview next, let me know!!
Have a great weekend!
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2 comments on “QQQQQ: Meet the Rooftop Rebel!

  1. Jamina
    June 6, 2014

    Kay, Why dont we never see your face or too much rarely in your amazing pictures?

  2. theguestroom
    November 4, 2014

    Reblogged this on The Guest Room.

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