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streetSNAP: Macau Magic !

Macau (1)
Macau is a great place to visit for a day trip or even for a quick weekend getaway to a hotel with a pool. Culture, parks, food, sangria and casinos – I’ve been 7 times and always find something new and interesting to see. The pics today are just a couple of my favorite from over the years.
Macau (2)
Macau (3)
Macau (4)
Macau (5)
Next time on streetSnap, island hopping.

7 comments on “streetSNAP: Macau Magic !

  1. derricksadventure
    June 5, 2014

    Fantastic photo!

    • theguestroom
      June 5, 2014


  2. thisgirlabroad
    June 5, 2014

    Going to be heading there this weekend to bungee off the Macau Tower!

    • theguestroom
      June 5, 2014

      I have a friend who did that…

      And it ended….

      surprisingly WELL!

      Have fun! Boiiiinnnnggggg!!

    • theguestroom
      June 12, 2014

      So how was the jump?!!

      • thisgirlabroad
        June 12, 2014

        Absolutely incredible! Definitely an experience I won’t soon forget. Highly recommend taking the plunge if you haven’t done so already!

  3. theguestroom
    June 12, 2014

    Good for you!! It’s one of the last things on my to do list….. but since it went so well for you and your head didn’t explode (as of yet!) ill consider moving it up 🙂

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