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myHK: Mr.J Puts Oil IN HIS MOUTH !!

Howdy folks!

Today I want to chat to you about a new habit of mine.

I take a tablespoon of oil …


Then I swish it around for 15 minutes!

ID-100217822Now, before you head straight to the comments section below to call me every name in the book, let me try and explain!

It’s called, oil pulling.

One day, I was told about this and it’s benefits, so I instantly went to the cupboard and took a shot of organic sesame oil.

Although 15 mins felt quite long, after finishing, my teeth felt great.

Since that day, almost every second day I oil pull and I’m now alternating between sesame oil and coconut oil.

I can honestly say that I can see an improvement in my teeth, and also in my breath, which is very important!  Bye-bye nasty morning breath!

You can see all the benefits of oil pulling HERE. The list is too long for me to get into. But, let me point out that oil pulling is great for taking out the nasties and you see results throughout your body, not just in your mouth.

So, what do you think? Are you going to give it a shot?!!

I’d like to think that I’m pretty open book when it comes to change and trying new things.

Heck, I’m even doing yoga now! I never would have thought I’d be doing yoga in a million years! Check out my yoga blog HERE, incase you missed it. Or read it again if you need another laugh at my expense…

Here’s to trying new things!! Cheers!!  Now, swish, swish, swish!!

Let me know if you’ve already tried oil pulling or if you’re going to now give it a shot!

On another note, we have a few more spots left for Friday’s junk trip. All money is going to those living in caged homes here in Hong Kong. So please don’t hesitate to get out and have some fun for a good cause! Check out THIS for more info.

Change is a good thing!  Don’t be afraid to try oil pulling and don’t be afraid to come on a boat to drink with random strangers!!  Especially if it’s for a good cause!!  

Can’t wait to see some of you on Friday!

Have a fun week everyone!

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oil photo by Lamnee

4 comments on “myHK: Mr.J Puts Oil IN HIS MOUTH !!

  1. brielle87
    June 4, 2014

    Serendipity!! I was just today reading an article in a fashion magazine about this and it sounded so interesting. I was thinking of trying it, now I am sure I will give it a go. How coincidental, really.

    • theguestroom
      June 4, 2014

      Ha!! Too funny!!
      Yes, go for it!! Definitely worth trying


  2. Kim
    October 10, 2014

    You do this too?! I started doing it earlier this year using coconut oil and only a couple of times a week. Had my first dentist appointment this summer and the hygienist told me I was going to put her out of a job. And that was even after a months’ long hiatus, only starting it up again a few weeks before my appointment. Keep it up! Another tip is to avoid toothpaste with glycerin as its purpose is to prevent food and stains from sticking to your teeth. Unfortunately, it also prevents the remineralization of your teeth. My family uses Earthpaste now 🙂

    • theguestroom
      October 10, 2014

      Awesome Kim!! We also use a healthy toothpaste by Laverna. I’m gonna check out Earthpaste. Not sure if we can get that out here…

      Thanks for reading and happy swishing!

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