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by JAR: Ella Bella

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Believe it or not… Ella Bella is the name of the green in the bottom left of the collage this week! I’m talking transformation today & you can start by adding some Ella Bella in your home.

A few weeks back, I showed several tables on wheels to add flexibility to spaces. I love this example of the dining room table on wheels. I have yet to see chairs on wheels. Is that going too far? Speaking of chairs… how about taking parts of 3 older chairs and making a new one shown here. Very innovative. Looking at the upper right, I’m a fan of the openness, airy light feeling here. The wooden doorway frame seems to be hung by cables allowing the air to flow over and through the space. Great idea for HK!

I’ve used several clouds in my projects lately and this Gehry cloud is on my list! I can imagine it as the perfect dining room light, floating just above the table or even in the Master bedroom hung over the bed. Perhaps the bed in the lower right, with soft warm hues is the perfect accompaniment to make the white cloud pop.

Having a transitory space in HK that can be flexible and adaptable to the needs of each day is a challenge to confined spaces. I recently completed an Osteopathy Clinic where the goal was exactly this. The client wanted to have spaces that could transform based on use. Rooms and walls move to transform from patient treatment rooms into yoga and pilates studios and lecture spaces for larger group functions. The secret was simple. We built walls and desks on wheels that could easily be shifted and relocated based on the use. Another key aspect of the design was to maintain natural lighting throughout the space and inner waiting area. To accomplish this, we used translucent wire glass that acted like inner window walls allowing light to illuminate into inner spaces. Have a look…







Enjoy and see you here next Tuesday. Mrs. J.



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