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Have you come across these wire impression lamp shade lights? I’m suddenly seeing them everywhere. I quite like the sculptural quality of the one on the left.

The bottom left pic in this week’s collage is a nice twist to a slider. I love the idea that the slider is used just to define the edge of space rather than an opaque door to close off an area. I see a lot of this type of black carbon metal frame work in HK. Rather than just defining the actual door space, what a clever idea to take the slider floor to ceiling and create a type of window wall within the interior to allow views into the adjacent places.

Accent walls are my thing! This is a dynamic example of a high contract accent wall using a simple pallet of black, white and gray. The natural wooden dining set plays nicely to tie the space together.

Are you a fan of the ever ready exposed light bulb on fabric cables? I love this example that adds a twist placing several in the public areas of the house that function more like transition spaces such as in the hallway shown here.

The colour paint selected for this week matches the kitchen cabinets on the right in the collage. This deep warm blue is dreamy and can be found from Mythic as River Noire. I’d love the opportunity to give this a try!

Want to add a little something special to your dining room table? I’d suggest these beautiful hand painted plates and tea cups! I’m currently in the ceramic studio myself working on some of my own tea cups. Stay tuned for some pics in a few weeks!

Last but not least, I’ve recently used this orange outdoor bench as an indoor kitchen table side bench but in white. Have a look below and let me know what you think. To transform a rather bland kitchen into an inviting place to hang out, cook and be social I added this wood block vintage table, changed the lights to these industrial white lamps and painted the ceiling a mustard yellow. Here’s the before and after. Enjoy and see you next week. Mrs. J

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