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Lion Rock News: HK Gov’t Insists Lamma ‘has no power station’


Hong Kong residents were in a state of confusion today as a government spokesperson repeated the insistence that there was ‘no power station on Lamma island.’

It soon emerged, after thorough investigation by this reporter, that some residents might be in more of a confused state than others. One source, who refused to be named for legal reasons, insinuated that the cooling towers visible on approaching the island were actually linked to a ‘giant hot box’ set up by ‘the more bohemian’ residents.

Our source refused to comment on what a ‘giant hot box’ might be.

When asked for further comment, new Lamma resident and recently infrequent contributor to NewChinaHand blurted, “I found it very ‘cooling'”, before collapsing in a fit of giggles more suited to a 9-year-old girl and heading off in search of snacks.

In further mystery, records show that sales of Twinkies, Fanta and Pringles have rocketed since the towers were first noticed over a decade ago.

Fear not, reader: LionRockNews will continue to investigate superficially and hypothesise wildly. When in Rome…

2 comments on “Lion Rock News: HK Gov’t Insists Lamma ‘has no power station’

  1. liz
    May 23, 2014

    Utter drivel

    • theguestroom
      May 23, 2014

      What’s upsetting you Liz?

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