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by JAR: 045-3 Shower of Spring

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This collage is dedicated to the little ones in our life!   This collage is full of beautiful pastels that would all be lovely in any little ones room. I’ve wanted to try several of these colours for some time.  Each week, I try to offer some paint advice and this week how fitting for the Mythic paint colour match in the top left to be called Shower of Spring! That’s exactly HK these days. For those of you just joining by JAR, Mythic is a non-toxic VOC free paint with hundreds of colours readily available in HK.

I continue to search for interesting lighting inspiration and here I like the use of the same glass fixture with various types of bulbs. It’s fun and playful, yet still sophisticated. Continuing on the top of the collage, right side, I love the idea of this square cut out offering an open feel while the wall still defines each space. The playful use of colour inside further invites one to explore and see what may be inside this place. Love the addition of the indoor tree.

How about this bedding combo! It goes right along with Mythic Shower of Spring.  To achieve this style, select a colour that you love and try to find blankets and cushions with a similar hue. Natural coloured sheets, like natural linen complete the look nicely.

Saving the best for last… I love the use of this retro cabinet for a kiddos room! It doubles to offer great display space at a reachable child height as well as some practical storage. Display boxes like the ones shown here can provide a space for all kinds of beautiful things either within reach or a bit higher out of reach. Get playful with the bed! Animal pillows are fun and adventurous. I love the polka dot duvet.

With smaller compact living in HK, it’s not always easy to have room for everything. My principle is to create places for the family. I like to have areas that invite each member of the family to enjoy without looking like toy land. I’m sharing some spaces I’ve designed to be kid friendly shared spaces and my own kiddos room. Enjoy! Follow us if you haven’t already and hope to see you again next Tuesday. Mrs. J




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